Danish German student program for academic entrepreneurship


SPICE: Students Powering Innovations in Collaboration with Enterprises

The SPICE project aims to strengthen the regional innovation dynamics by involving both SMEs, institutions and students from higher education in a Triple-Helix constellation.

The aim is to release the untapped innovation potential that exists among both industrial- and knowledge partners. In addition, the project will seek to maintain the innovation potential in the region and prevent the so-called brain drain, where academically talented students leave the region and thus they can’t be conducive to strengthening the innovative force among the regional companies.

Cooperation and Innovation
Together the project partners are working with the aim to strengthen the innovative and entrepreneurial skills among students and SME’s via three innovative approaches:

  • Through a close cooperation between students and SME’s obtaining access to the innovation potential of higher education. Through project-based courses and events students are offered to work with real business challenges from the participating SME’s.
  • The spectrum of business ideas are based on an “Entrepreneurial Discovery” process systematically expanding both entrepreneurial ideas and business innovations through qualified mutual cooperation.
  • The newly developed event formats and concepts must be used within the thematic fields “Green Transition”, “Green Economy” and “Women’s Entrepreneurship” complemented with targeted support.

The development is anchored around two newly established Innovation Labs that are placed respectively in Sønderborg at the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark and at the Wissenschaftszentrum in Kiel. Here the opportunity is given to foster collaboration between industry and students.

Along with the new Green Entrepreneurship Center and Women Entrepreneurship Coordination Office, the two innovation labs will be permanent platforms of cooperation – even after the project ended.


  • IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre, SDU
  • Mads Clausen Instituttet, SDU
  • Fachhochschule Flensburg
  • Universität Flensburg
  • opencampus.sh / Campus Business Box e.V., Kiel
  • Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel